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Vilen Shatvoryan: Security of Armenia is a priority for all Armenians

Chairman of the Union of Armenians of Ukraine commented on the current events in Karabakh.

“It is naturally that the representatives of our diaspora are very concerned about everything happening in Armenia and Karabakh. We support our historic homeland in securing its borders against external penetration.

Armenians all over the world are known as peaceful and formative people. But when it is necessary we become defenders of our land. A huge Armenian community is currently living in Ukraine. There many talented Armenians who have reached greater heights in various spheres of life in Ukraine. Once we learned our historic homeland is in danger, many people from different regions offered their help. Armenia needs different types of help. And we try to be most useful. I would note that in any our actions we take into consideration the best interests of Ukraine. Ukraine nowadays suffers hard times. As citizens of Ukraine we are worried about everything happening in our country. And we are as much as possible involved in everything that can be of benefit of Ukraine. Armenians performing their civic duties became defenders of Ukraine. Dozens of our compatriots died in ATO. When a need has emerged Armenians at the cost of their own lives stood up for protection of the land once hosted them.

We hope for peace in Ukraine and in our Motherland to ensue soon. Excellent people of Ukraine and Armenia deserve peace and welfare. We don’t wish bad on anyone, but we are able to protect our interests”, Vilen Shatvoryan said.

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